Discover The Top Activities You Must Do In Bora Bora

Discover The Top Activities You Must Do In Bora Bora

Situated in the French Polynesia northwest of Tahiti is the island of Bora Bora. Despite only spanning only six miles long,  this small island is overflowing with beauty so much so that many consider it to be one of the best islands in the world.

You’ve probably seen it before—the pristine turquoise lagoon water, soft white sands, the mountain peak backdrop, lush slopes, and romantic sunsets. Photos of Bora Bora are constantly being posted and shared on social media platforms as a travel bucket list destination. It’s an ideal spot for luxury travellers, newlyweds, and pretty much anyone who craves a little bit of paradise on earth. In Bora Bora, clear waters, breathtaking views, mouthwatering cuisine, excellent service, and legendary sunsets are the norm.

Each year, honeymooners from all over the world choose the lagoon island as the best place to start their new lives. The scenery in itself is quite romantic. Imagine lounging in an overwater villa and enjoy a great view of the Pacific Ocean, skyline, and colourful sea creatures. Many luxury resorts also offer all-inclusive packages perfectly suited for couples. You can tick off all the items on your checklist from private dinners in picturesque locations to photography packages, and more.

Take note, however, that visiting Bora Bora comes at a great price. The island is in a remote location and flights are limited. Accommodations are few, high-end and expensive. Most goods are shipped by plane or boat, which adds to the overall rates on the island. But if you are down the experience one of the best islands in the world, the cost is definitely worth it.

If you are planning a trip to Bora Bora, here are five activities you should never miss out on:

Climb Mount Otemanu

Discover The Top Activities You Must Do In Bora Bora

Want to get epic panoramic views of the island? Excited to get spectacular photos of Bora Bora? If so, get ready to climb the highest peak in Bora Bora—Mount Otemanu, an extinct volcano that rises up to 2,385 feet from the surface of a blue lagoon. Travellers with a heart for adventure can hike the mountain with the help of a veteran guide. Hiking alone is not advisable. Despite its beauty, the volcano has twisted paths and precarious rocks that make it too risky to fully surmount.

Note: If hiking is not your thing, you can always book a sightseeing tour to get a good view of the mountain. You can rent a yacht, board a catamaran, ride a motorboat, and even take a helicopter ride. Your Bora-Bora trip is not complete without seeing the majestic Mount Otemanu up close.

Spend time in Bora Bora’s best beach

Matira Beach is popularly regarded as the finest beach in all of Bora Bora. The beach is studded with palm trees, lined with soft, white sands cascading into clear turquoise blue waters. You can definitely spend hours lounging or taking leisurely strolls here. Since it’s near major resorts, the beach is quite accessible. Lounge while enjoying a nice meal, take a leisurely stroll, or simply sit back and relax.

Enjoy underwater activities

With waters as clear as beaches in Bora Bora, snorkelling is a must. The island has healthy reefs filled with colourful fishes. You don’t need to be a pro to explore coral gardens and enjoy awesome underwater views.

Bora Bora is also every diver’s paradise so certified scuba divers are in for a treat. Unlike other tropical destinations, Bora Bora is an amazing diving spot all year round. Divers can get a rare opportunity to swim alongside large marine species like sharks and manta rays. The island’s lagoon serves home to white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, stingrays, and more so be ready to see them in your dive.

Stay in an overwater villa

Discover The Top Activities You Must Do In Bora Bora

Bora Bora is famous for its iconic but insanely expensive overwater villas. You’ve travelled this far, might as well get the full over the top luxury experience. Wake up to awesome views in your porch and take a plunge into the clear waters in no time.

Treat your palate

You can’t have a top notch holiday without delicious food. Drop by the famous Bloody Mary restaurant that’s often frequented by celebrities and luxury travellers. It offers an amazing array of dishes paired with a great atmosphere without the expensive price tag. Don’t forget to try their catch of the day meals.

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Discover The Top Activities You Must Do In Bora Bora


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