Must-Visit Spots in Mesmerizing Majorca, Spain

Majorca, also referred to as Mallorca, is the largest island of the Balearics. The charming island, positioned in the Mediterranean, has long been drawing travellers from Europe and across the world for its picturesque beaches, turquoise waters, sandy coves, islets, and a breathtaking mountain range.

With a steady growth of visitors since the 1950s, the island is largely dependent on the tourism industry revenue. This also means that it has a well-established tourist infrastructure and amenities, which also draw in visitors from nearby countries who are looking for some rest and relaxation.

The island has mild winters and warm summers. If you are looking to have a sunny summer escapade, it is best for you to visit from May until September.

Must-Visit Spots in Majorca

Must-Visit Spots in Mesmerizing Majorca, Spain


This resort situated on the southwest coast of the island is a well-known European destination thanks to its epic nightlife. Younger crowds who enjoy partying especially frequent the resort. Pair your chill day by the beach with a memorable night of drinks and dancing.

Serra de Tramuntana

An explorer’s dream, Serra de Tramuntana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the cultural landscape category. The unspoilt mountain range featuring dramatic landscapes was the first attraction that brought in visitors in the early 20th century. The landscape is perfect for walking, hiking and biking as it offers a picturesque view. You can spend a few days just discovering this side of Majorca because there’s a lot to see—villages, cliffs, landscapes, and beaches. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain range by joining tours or driving by if you are pressed for time. While its strong slopes pose as an inviting challenge for hikers, there are a lot more activities to take on from canyoneering to cliff diving.

Palma Cathedral Le Seu

The Roman Catholic cathedral, located in Palma, is an impressive landmark of the Balearic Islands. The 14th century structure features stunning Gothic architecture. Many refer to it as the ‘Cathedral of Light’ and for good reason. When you enter its premises, impressive stained-glass windows greet you. These windows turn the morning sunbeams into colourful light that flood the entire building. The cathedral is open to public from Mondays through Saturdays. You can take tour the Gothic cathedral with an audio guide that for an extra cost will allow you to find out more about its history.

Alcudia Old Town

North of Mallorca is the old town locals refer to as Port d’Alcudia. The walled town’s narrow streets are lined with quaint shops, plenty of restaurants, and lovely houses that feature amazing ancient architecture. It is located close to the centre so don’t hesitate to visit if you’re around the area. You can also head over to the busy market to buy homemade souvenirs and other goods.

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Must-Visit Spots in Mesmerizing Majorca, Spain

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