Top 3 Activities To Make Your Margaret River Trip Memorable

Margaret River region is well known for its fine wines, high-quality craft breweries, stunning beaches, and limestone caves. Whether you are going as a solo adventurer, couple, group of friends or a family, there is definitely something in the region that will suit your preference.


Getting to Margaret River

Tucked away in Australia’s southwest corner, Margaret River is just a three-hour drive from Perth. Daily coach services from the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and Perth Airport can take you to the region. Taking a domestic flight for convenience is also an option. If you are travelling from another country, you can hire a travel specialist to help plan and book your Australia holidays.


Top 3 Activities To Make Your Margaret River Trip Memorable

Wine and Dine

In 1967, the first commercial vineyard planting in Margaret River was opened. Decades later, the region blossomed into a world-class destination for excellent wine. The region only produces 3% of Australia’s wine yet it accounts to a fifth of the country’s premium wine.

The region is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon. With more than 120 top notch vineyards, there is a lot for you to explore and discover.

Traversing from one cellar door to another is a breeze if you book a vineyard tour. Delight your taste buds in sophisticated wines while enjoying the spectacular scenery of the vineyard, countryside and the coast. Elevate the experience further with a food and wine pairing.

If you prefer to have a behind-the-scene experience, there are tours that can get you to meet the winemakers or treat you to barrel room and tutored tasting. If you’re lucky, you may have the chance to blend your own bottle of wine.


Go on a Spelunking Adventure

Top 3 Activities To Make Your Margaret River Trip Memorable

The Margaret River region has some impressive scenery. But the views underneath are just as spectacular. There are over 150 limestone caves adorned with intricate limestone crystal formations.

You can take a laid-back cave guided tour and explore at your own pace. Or you can go on an adventure and abseil your way down into the caves.

With plenty of options, it can be challenging to choose which tour to go on. Lake Cave, a mirrored wonderland with a permanent lake, is one of the wonders you need to explore. Discover Boranup Karri Forest’s soaring karri trees that stand as tall as 60 meters.

Or take it easy with the Mammoth Cave tour where you can wander on your own with a help of an audio guide. Among one of the few caves in the southwest that houses some fossils, is is the most accessible amongst all the caves in the region. You get more than just a cave tour as the experience ends with a walk through the lush marri forest. Breathe in fresh air, enjoy the sights of healthy flora and listen to whistling birds.


Put your active hat on

Top 3 Activities To Make Your Margaret River Trip Memorable

Ready to get physical? Margaret River has all kinds of adventure in store for you.

There are a number of beautiful beaches across the magnificent Indian Ocean that are ideal for surfing.

Marvel at the region’s beauty by taking a walk, hike or an adventurous ride on its many tracks. The Cape-to-Cape Track is the most popular and longest track in the region.

You can also go mountain biking, fishing, road cycling, learning a water sport or even skydiving!

Australia Holidays Destination: Margaret River

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