Fishing Paradise Awaits in the Americas


Fishing for sport is very popular in the Americas. Brazilian sea bass is one of the most popular fish in Brazil, and consequently, fishermen  can earn a premium.  In Mexico also, fishing has been a part of many family traditions as a way to earn money and feed families. In the USA and Canada, fishermen have been earning a living from the sea for as long as there have been boats!

What top getaways are popular in the Americas? Over the last few years, generic once popular tourist spots have reduced in popularity and niche themed vacations like fly fishing vacations or US sportfishing expeditions have grown in vogue.

Whether it is fishing for Halibut in Alaska, Peacock Bass in Costa Rica or simply Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas, all have caused fishing to become a sought after holiday.

Unlike before, nowadays sportfishing enthusiasts never had it so good. Every kind of luxury is available for the tourists in relatively untouched areas like the Sea of Cortez. in the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of Canada and Alaska.

The fishing equipment and tackle  are usually easily available and furnished by the boat captains  and the booming hotel industry ensures excellent accommodation. Add to this the thrill of deep sea fishing, the boat rides to the deep sea and we have a compelling travel destination.

Who are the people who would want to go to Mexico for Sportfishing?

The availability of great game fish, cheap prices and the chance of catching a record size fish, have people from all walks of life deciding to try something different from the average beach holiday.  Whether you decide to fish in fresh water or salt water, the thrill of hooking on to a 500 pound Marlin, or giant tuna, or even a rainbow trout in a fast running mountain stream, can provide excitement that will last a lifetime.

Things to look for to ensure a great vacation

fisherman fly fishing in Canada

Flyfishing in Canada

Equipment : This is key to success as far as sportfishing is concerned. Be prepared and decide whether you want to take your own fishing tackle or  rent it when you get to your destination.  Unless you plan on doing a lot of future deep sea fishing, I would suggest that you just have the boat captain provide the equipment for you.  If you are going fly fishing in a lake or river, you may want to look at buying your own equipment.  A fly fishing outfit or spinning outfit is not that expensive and can be used again and again, almost anywhere you happen to be.  I always used to carry my fly rod with me, in case I saw a likely place to stop and try my luck!



Environment : Slightly off the beaten track.
If you want to be serious about fishing, you need to choose relatively smaller destinations.  Stay away from the crowds and popular resorts.  Make sure that you have comfortable clothing and someplace that is clean, comfortable and relaxing for when you are done for the day. After all, you will probably be up before sunrise and out all day.  You want some comfort when you get back.


Mexican peacock bass

Another great catch

Playa de Mexico, Cabo San Lucas and Baja California  are all  top tourist destinations, for deep sea sportfishing.  The Rocky Mountains in the USA and Canada are prime freshwater fishing areas.  This is a great time to visit the Americas  for all your sportfishing needs.

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